Membrane Development Specialists has over 30 years of experience starting with Cell Tests and building through to full system implementation. As shown at a gold mine in Peru, MDS was given the starting point and the desired goal. After the feed analysis, MDS performed cell tests and worked up to designing the full scale implementation.

Barren Leach Cyanide Recover


Barren Leach purified and discharged into environment for Water Balance maintenance


Hardness Removal from bore hole cyanide make-up water


Copper Production PLS Concentration


  • Zero Liquid Discharge


Lean Electrolyte Concentration


AMD Copper Recovery


Surface Discharge Quality from AMD Water


Gold Production


  •      Gold Concentration
  •      Copper Gold Fraction
  •      Cyanide Recovery from SART

Reference List of Membrane Installations and Experiences of MDS:


  • Phelps-Dodge (Freeport-McMoran) El Paso Texas, 40 m3/h, on line since 1992 MDS Acid Purification with NF and Concentration with RO Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Sun Metals Zinc Refinery - 250 m3/h NF and RO process Townsville, Australia 1999, post physical chemical high pH MDS Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Korea Zinc Refinery - 200 m3/h NF followed by RO Pusong, Korea 2001, post physical chemical MDS
  • Newmont Waihi Gold - 250 m3/h with MDS with Harrison Western Process Technologies (HWPT), 2008, post physical chemical high pH
  • Asarco Refinery, Denver, Colorado - 20 m3/h, MDS Membranes and HWPT 1995, post physical chemical
  • Yanacocha Gold Mine Barren Leach - 3500 m3/h, MDS with HWPT first system installed in 2003
  • Phelps-Dodge (Freeport-McMoran) Tucson, Arizona - 150 m3/h, ARD (acid-rock-drainage) 2003 MDS
  • Cananea de Mexicana - 2000 m3/h, ARD MDS Membranes - HWPT 1997
  • Kennecott Copper (Rio Tinto) - 500 m3/h, ARD MDS Membranes- HWPT 1998
  • Zijin Copper 250 m3/h ARD (acid rock drainage) Xiamen China 2009 MDS
  • Seawater Plant Chennai, India Consultant - 6250 m3/h Hollow Fiber Pretreatment to SWRO 2013
  • Cobre Las Crucas Sevilla, Spain - 600 m3/h, ARD MDS with Spanish partner MP from Sevilla, Spain Zero Liquid Discharge 2011
  • Barrick Gold Mine Barren Gold Mine Barren-Lagunas Norte and Pierina, Peru - 910 m3/h, barren leach post physical chemical treatment installation 2015
  • Design and Element supply for a 400 m3/h waste water system in Ghana Africa 2016



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