Membrane Development Specialists over the years has accumulated a vast base of know-how in the form of proprietary processes, chemistries, proprietary membranes and materials to manufacture said membranes that are necessary to allow membrane technologies (referred to as IP) that have proven to be highly beneficial to the mining industry.


General descriptions of the MDS collection of IP:


  1. Modified Membranes to concentrate metals from acids.
  2. Modified Membranes to purify Lithium from Magnesium and Calcium.
  3. Proprietary feed spacers that mitigate membrane element fouling from calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate saturation found in most mining process and ARD waters.
  4. Chemistry in the form of proprietary antiscalants that compliment the spiral wound membrane elements construction to allow for operation in super saturated mining process and ARD streams.
  5. Proprietary materials and membrane element construction techniques that allow for the operation of spiral wound membranes at wide range of pH 0 to 14.
  6. Proprietary materials and and membrane element construction techniques that allow for the operation of spiral wound membrane elements to operate at up to 90°C.
  7. A custom membrane rolling facility that uses the materials described above to manufacture these unique spiral would membrane elements in a production setting.


Membrane Development Specialists have many patented inventions and processes. You are welcome to read through what Larry Lien has developed to advance the technology and process to create a better and more robust and stable environment for complex situations, from actual devices to ingenious processes. Here are a few of the patents with the abstracts to them and others:


  • Parallel Feed Spacer for spiral wound elements
  • Efficient permeate Carrier arrangement for high flow liquid and gas membranes
  • Cleaning Calcium sulfate from elements using a 12% sodium chloride solution
  • Purifying fuels and wet gas condensates using membranes (funded by US Gov. so government has rights to patent, I have all other private industry rights)
  • Purifying 20% sodium chloride solutions for reuse by removing divalent cations and anions
  • CO2 capture from flue gas as a feed to Microwave Reformation of CO2  and Methane into syngas

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